Agile Alerts Beta

Introducing Agile Alerts!

The first text-to-speech alert application for Facebook pages.

For a small business, the problem with most popular instant messaging and social platforms is that a new message can go unnoticed if you’re away from your computer or smartphone. This can lead to missed messages or slow response times, both causing you to lose business and opportunities.

With Agile Alerts, when your business gets a new Facebook message it will instantly trigger a phone call to you. When you answer the call, Agile Alerts will then read you the Facebook message over the phone – so you can decide if the customer needs an immediate response, or not.

Never miss an opportunity via Facebook again!

We’re Looking For Beta Users To Test Agile Alerts

We’ve just launched Agile Alerts, and we’re looking for some early adopters to help us beta test the application.  You get to use the application totally free – we’re just looking for your feedback on how to make the product better.

  • Get Agile Alerts 100% Free
  • Get Instant Phone Calls When Customers Send FB Messages
  • Route The Phone Call To Any Number You Want
  • Give Feedback To Customize and Improve Agile Alerts

Interested?  Register here:

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